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Laminate flooring has a durability rating

Laminate is an attractive, multi-layer wood-based flooring that can be installed anywhere in the home. This man-made flooring is available in planks and tiles that mimic more costly natural materials. With the availability of a wide variety of styles, every taste and design need can be satisfied. Wards Discount Carpet in Sandy, Utah, offers the trendiest laminate styles. We specialize in buying wholesale and discounted inventory from top manufacturers, and you can depend on us to pass those savings along to you.

Core layer and more

Laminate flooring has a fiberboard core, so it is warm underfoot even during cold seasons. There is a backing layer beneath the core and an image and wear layer above it. The bottom layer protects the flooring from moisture while the core protects from moisture and dents. The high tech image of hardwood or natural stone protects from fading, surface burns, and stains by the transparent top layer. Most often, laminate flooring has a click and lock design, so it can be installed as a floating floor that is not attached to the subfloor.


No doubt, homeowners' primary concern is product durability. You don't need to guess about this crucial consideration when you examine laminate flooring brands.
An independent entity conducts a series of tests on each product and assigns an abrasion coefficient rating based on the test results. Brands that are rated AC3 are appropriate for residential spaces that have heavy foot traffic and commercial spaces. Flooring must pass tests for resistance to scratches, burns, stains, and impact and swelling under moist conditions. Laminate floors that fails a test don't make it to the marketplace.

Standard vs. waterproof

Standard laminate floors resist water while waterproof laminate repels water for a short period. When laminate is labeled 'waterproof,' instructions for proper care can be found in the manufacturer's guidelines. Usually, the flooring is waterproof for about one day. After the given period, it can be damaged by standing water. With this floor covering, water and spills on standard brands should be cleaned up immediately. Waterproof brands should be wiped or mopped as soon as possible.

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