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Carpet styles range from luxurious to functional

Carpet floors give a house a comfy and homey feeling that's hard to beat. You can choose a wool rug that is similar to those created thousands of years ago. Perhaps you prefer a shag carpet to complete retro room decor or the latest high tech, pet-friendly carpeting. With so many choices, there is sure to be a brand that fits your needs. Wards Discount Carpet is a flooring retailer that provides carpet in Sandy, Utah, and surrounding areas. Some of the communities we serve are Sandy, UT, West Jordan, UT, Cottonwood Heights, UT, Midvale, UT, && Orem, UT.

Loop pile

Loop pile carpet is appropriate for basements, living areas, and bedrooms. Pile refers to the length of fiber strands as well as the density of those strands. Low loop carpeting is the most durable type of carpet on the market. Sewing loops of the fiber construct carpet flooring onto a backing, and those loops can be cut at the tips to create additional styles.

Cut pile

Saxony, a traditional cut-pile style with straight and even fibers, has a formal appearance. In contrast, frieze carpet has tightly twisted fibers that provide a casual, 'shaggy' look. Regardless of the style, a cut pile brand will have a TPI, or turns per inch, the number that indicates how many times a fiber strand has been twisted, or turned, for added durability. A 6.0 TPI is best.


Along with the type of pile and style, kind of fiber influences durability. Nylon has been considered the most durable fiber for decades, but a newer fiber, triexta, offers similar qualities. Olefin, or polypropylene, is known for its moisture tolerance, while polyester is notable for its vibrant colors. Wool is the top of the line natural fiber, and cotton, sisal, jute, and coir are durable.


Wall to wall carpeting is installed with a carpet stretcher. Expect the installers to be experts at matching patterns, hiding seams, and pulling and fastening the carpeting properly, so it doesn't bunch up in future years. It is necessary to lay the padding on the subfloor to cushion the impact of footsteps on the carpeting. Without padding, the lifespan of the flooring is shorter.

Family-owned and operated Wards Discount Carpet, in business for over 24 years, buys wholesale and discounted inventory and then passes those savings on to you. You can get started with your carpet flooring project by scheduling a free in-home bid. Call, return the online form, or visit our showroom in Sandy, Utah. Take-home carpet samples are always available.