Do carpet flooring and children mix?

Do carpet flooring and children mix?

Kids are messy. They drop, spill, and track in the dirt.

So when shopping for flooring, you'll need to prioritize durability and stain resistance. We can thank modern technology for enabling carpet mills to create products to meet these needs.

Some have even been tested at kids' parties before coming to market.

So the answer to the question is yes, they do mix. You need to know what to look for when choosing carpeting for homes with kids.

Consider fiber

This is the material from which the yarns are made. It will possibly be your most important decision!

There are five most commonly chosen: Wool is durable, soil-repellent, natural, and pricey. Synthetics include nylon, known for super-strength, resilience, and good stain resistance. Nylon carpets stand up to anything.

Polyester has outstanding stain resistance. This one, though, is better for moderately busy rooms.

Other choices include olefin (polypropylene), durable, stain-resistant, and budget-friendly. Triexta is very strong and has permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

Explore style

When entering our carpet store, you'll see many styles, colors, and designs. It's easy to be distracted when surrounded by beauty but stay focused on your needs.

Looped styles, like the Berber or level loop, are great for high-traffic areas. The short, tightly woven loops also keep spills from absorbing.

Low-pile rugs are known for being the most durable and easiest to keep clean. In addition, they are soft, fashionable, and often seen in busy offices.

Look at color

Some colors camouflage dirt and stains better than others. A consideration, especially if you don't want to spend much time vacuuming.

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