Is one carpet flooring better than another for my bedroom?

Is one carpet flooring better than another for my bedroom?

Carpeting is the best flooring option for the bedroom. It's soft, warm, and plush underfoot.

This is the first thing your toes touch when you rise every morning. Alternatively, it is also the last thing your toes will feel before going to bed!

Consider construction

This determines style and texture. For example, bedrooms are low-traffic areas, so high pile rugs, like the shag, are ideal.
Saxony Plush is soft, velvety, and luxurious. Berber styles, a looped construction, are also terrific.

Cut-piles, cut & loop, and patterned loop style are others to consider. The flooring experts at our carpet store advise you.
You'll have everything from shags to patterned cut-piles, Saxony, and more in our showroom. They are all from top names like Dixie Home, Mohawk, Phenix, etc.

Benefits of a rug in the bedroom

1. Sound insulation. This is especially great if you have infants, young children, or shift workers who sleep at odd hours.'
The thicker the carpet, the less ambient noise. That also adds to the calm and serenity of this room.

2. Safety. This floor covering minimizes slips and falls. Falls occur going to the bathroom at night or walking to the kitchen to get a drink.

It’s also the obvious choice if you have kids, toddlers, or babies crawling and learning to walk. Kids also tend to fall out of bed often. It makes for a soft landing.

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